All About the Valley Highlands Quote Rotator

The Valley Highlands Quote Rotator can be used to share your favorite quotes with visitors to your web site. The Valley Highlands Quote Rotator, takes your personal list of quotes and displays a different one every seven seconds for as long as a visitor is at your site.

If you have a business web site, you can use the Valley Highlands Quote Rotator to publish testimonials and comments about your business.

By navigating to the Quote Rotator Builder web site, you can type your quotes into the box on the page and click the "Add" button. The quote is immediately visible on the page for you to see. You can add as many quotes as you want and watch them change to see how they look.

If you don't like what you've done, you can refresh the page and start over.

When you have a set of quotes that you like, you can hit the "Buy Now" button. This will take you to a place where you can pay for the customized quote rotator. Once payment is received, you are then able to cut the code out of a box on the screen and paste it into your own page's HTML.

The Valley Highlands Quote Rotator that you customize can be used on almost any site that allows you to use HTML. SiteSkins is a good example of one such place. It provides a simple builder you can use to set up your own place on the Web. You can use your customized Valley Highlands Quote Rotator there. You can also use it on any web site that is provided to you by your web service provider. If you already have a web space provided by your web service provider, you have a perfect opportunity to use the Valley Highlands Quote Rotator. You will need to see your web service provider for specifics on setting up your web pages. Once you set a page all you will need to do is cut out the text from the Quote Rotator Builder and paste it in into your own page using the instructions provided.

If you are an advanced HTML editor, you put your skill to work to change the colors and fonts of the text that you paste into your site in order to further customize your rotator.

For some help on choosing quotes for your rotator, you can visit BrainyQuote to get some inspiration.