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Type one quote at a time into the box above and hit the 'Add Quote' button each time. The quotes will start changing above the box for you to see.

Use the other controls to change colors, fonts and font sizes, rotation speed and order.

If you make a mistake, just refresh your browser to start over.

Note for Firefox users: If you are using Firefox and want to make line-breaks you have to enter <br /> tags to force line-breaks that actually show your quote.

Purchasing: If you decide you want to buy your quote rotator, click on the "Purchase" button (it appears after you add your first quote). This button takes you to PayPal first. After paying you get immediate access to your HTML and JavaScript code. The code that is generated is a complete HTML page that works. You can start with this page or take the code out of it and merge it into an existing page.

For some help on choosing quotes for your rotator, you can visit BrainyQuote to get some inspiration.

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