How Food Fact Knowledge Helps You Diet

by Troy Taft, Game Creator

When our bodies are in bad shape it has an effect so large that it is difficult to add up the cost. Everything we do is affected. One of the most important things we can do to help ourselves is to get our bodies in good shape so that we can improve every activity in our lives.

When I was attempting to lose 40 pounds I became very frustrated because I significantly modified my diet and habits but failed to see the results I was looking for. It was hard for me to determine why my effort was not going anywhere.

When I finally started losing, I was keeping a close watch on what I ate, all the way down to precise numbers by keeping a diary. The results proved that I was cheating on my diet by eating too many "little something extra" calories. I thought I was eating less than I actually was. Things like cream and sugar in my coffee, or that bag of chips with my sandwitch became obvious issues. Little snacks that I had here and there added up to extra meals.

One of the problems with diets is that they can train you to think temporarily about your diet. This means that you will most likely only temporarily keep the weight off.

The way I kept my weight off was to keep my diary for a long time after I had lost the weight that I wanted to lose. This helped me to learn facts about the food I was eating. After a while, I memorized the counts I used most often. This relaxed my need to keep track of everything. Through this I realized that the long-term solution to keeping trim is to upgrade our mental software.

The games I have developed help your mind to retain facts about the food you are eating so that you can keep your diary in your head. It's quite possible you won’t need these games or a diary after your mental software is fully upgraded.

With discipline and knowledge, you should be able to confidently keep the weight off. Try it yourself. After playing the game, next time you eat a meal, see if you can total the number of calories. I have found it to be amazingly effective. You can enjoy yourself and help your diet at the same time. Click here to play the Calorie Guessing Game.